Toyota Supra MkIV

In June 2015 I purchased my dream car in Japan from a local auction. I never thought I’d be able to afford it, it was always unobtainable to me. The timing was right, the deal too good to pass up, I pulled the trigger. This is my Toyota Supra MkIV.


She’s a ’93 N/A automatic right now, the plan is to do a 2JZ-GTE swap with a manual transmission in the future. For the price I paid, this will come out cheaper than buying a twin turbo M/T Supra outright, trust me. I looked for the cleanest shell I could find and landed on this one. One previous owner, and the whole thing was kept completely stock with 50,000Km on the odometer.

Since the day I took my Supra home, I’ve done the following modifications (List updated periodically to reflect changes)

  • Tein Street Advance coilovers
  • Tein EDFC Active Pro + GPS module
  • 18″ XXR 521 Matte Black wheels
  • Kakimoto stainless steel exhaust

Right now the focus is on suspension. I want it to be able to handle the 2JZ-GTE before I can swap it in. This means adding in better sway bars, control arms, bigger brakes, etc.

Once these and the 2JZ-GTE is swapped in, the real fun begins. Stay tuned for more updates!

Repair Manuals in PDF (Hard to find!)