Project: Inspire 1

This one has been a long time coming! I’ve always wanted an aerial video and photography drone but the cost is a little too steep for my needs at the moment. A good guy by the name of CdRsKuLL over at DIY RC has done all the modeling to build yourself a very good copy of DJI’s Inspire 1 drone, but for a huge discount. You can pretty much buy a new 3D printer, all the hardware, all the electronics, the filament, and still pay less. Inspire 1 sells for ~$2000, mind you.

So yesterday I begun the rigorous process of printing out all the frame structure needed for the build. I’m using Protopasta Carbon Fiber PLA and it is remarkable how strong and smooth these prints are coming out!


I expect all the prints to be completed by the end of tomorrow, so long as I stay diligent in starting prints after one ends. You can expect a full time-lapse of every part being printed and a full build log here.

Stay tuned! It’s about to get really interesting!



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